Over the last 15 years we have seen a significant evolution in international transactions between companies. Formerly, international commercial relations was a synonym for export.
Now the accent shifted to more complex relations, like technical cooperation, cross-marketing agreements, co-design. Franchising, licensing agreements and joint ventures are no longer reserved to large companies or multinationals. SMEs are faced with heavy competition on the home market and are therefore obliged to look for new products or services. The need for more cost-effective production or operation also leads these companies to search for new technologies, new production processes to be able to stay competitive. So the key word now is Internationalization of business, not only export.

In our area most of the new firms established by foreign investors are also aimed at export. Export is actively supported by the Estonian state. NBAS has extensive experience in the internationalization of businesses, being one of EuroInfoCenters in the EU network. Moreover, our participation in pan-European projects gave us valuable connections and exposure to BSOs and SMEs both in Estonia and abroad. We offer your company:

• Assistance to enter the markets in Russia and CIS countries
• Export plan development, see Business planning
• Check for export-readiness, see Assessments and evaluations
• Marketing plan and strategy development, see Business planning
• Partner Search
• Search of business proposals for subcontracting or outsourcing
• Organization of B2B meetings and matchmaking
• Advice on preparation for participation in exhibitions.

The cost of these services is calculated separately for each client, due to the individual characteristics of a client's business. Final prices are based on consulting time spent, travel, logistics and other pertinent costs.

Partner search

Finding the right Estonian, Russian or EU partner is crucial when a company plans its overseas operations. When searching for a partner, different information can be provided to client -starting from a simple list of contact details, up to written response from the identified potential partner with his intention to cooperate.

List A with contact details

General list of companies potentially fit for matching

List A contains:

- Company name
- Contact information (address, phone, fax)
- Field of activity
Price: 5 € per company. Minimum order- 10 companies.

Short list B

Shortlisted companies who respond to initial inquiry for co-operation

List B contains

- Company name
- Detailed contact information (address, phone, fax, e-mail, web-site, contact person and position)
- Field of activity (production, distribution, services, export, import)
- Products or services
Price: 15 € per company. Minimum order- 5 companies.

List C of potential partners

Companies who gave a positive answer for internationalisation

List contains:

- Company Profile with points of interest to be developed together with a foreign partner or offered to
- Negotiations chronicle and results
Price: 50 € per company

B2B and matchmaking events

They include organisation of trade missions, contact days and matchmaking events both in Estonia and abroad, including Russia and CIS countries. Matchmaking events and trade missions are the shortest ways to trigger business contacts between Estonian and foreign companies. This service includes development of client profile, PR and promotion, logistics of B2B appointments, scheduling and on-hand facilitation, event management, post event feedback and follow-up. Final prices are based on consulting time spent, travel, logistics and other pertinent costs.


Showcases of our internationalization projects and services: 
  • SME Panel
  • Business mission of US companies to Narva (B2B)
  • Creation of business contacts Narva-Norbotten(Sweden)
  • SME 2 SME
  • Partenariat Go-East
  • Creation of business contacts Narva-Great Novgorod (Russia)