Business planning

Project business plan

A business plan is always a specific and complex document, which is built on company vision by management, owners and their development strategies. A business plan for a new product or service is another kind of the business development plan of the company.

A full-length business plan or a business project is a 30-50 page creative document with numerous annexes. According to Enterprise Estonia (EAS), the creation of a well-prepared business plan takes from 200 to 400 man/hours of consulting work. Development of a business plan is done according to the standard of a specific financial institution. Appropriately, the estimated cost to elaborate a standard business plan ranges from 1200 to 3000 € VAT exclusive.

Export plan

As Estonian main strategy in business development is the promotion of exports, an export plan is essential for the company when applying for government or EU support. We are happy to be of service in developing it for you. Cost for developing an export plan varies from 3000 to 6000 €, VAT exclusive.

Marketing plan

The marketing plan includes Marketing strategy and operational plan. It also presents -market statistics;- demand and consumption analysis;-benchmarking or comparative competitors' analysis;- distribution channels analysis;- barriers to market entry;- recommendations on marketing strategy for clients company;- sales forecast.
Price: 3 000 - 7 000 €, VAT exclusive
The final cost of development of a business plan is specified in the negotiation process.
Translation into a foreign language is not included in this price.