Increasing capacity of local governments in providing e-services in Ida-Virumaa-Leningrad oblast cross-border areas (e-G2C)

Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross border cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument 2007-2013

Period: 04.06.2013 – 04.12.2014 (18 months)

Short description: In close cooperation with all Project Partners and Associate Partners two e-services will be implemented in Narva, Slantsy and Kingisepp archives, in order to provide fast quality services for the citizens in cross-border local authorities.
The aim of the project is to increase the administrative capacity and e-readiness of local and regional authorities in providing socially significant public services through cooperation and implementation of e-government solutions in cross-border region.

The project has three main objectives:

  • Develop e-solutions empowering the archives of border municipalities to provide e-services;
  • Create and implement socially relevant e-services in the territories of the partner municipalities;
  • Disseminate informationon the availability of new e-services in Estonia, Russia and Latvia

The public sector services in obtaining specific information and documents (that should face the needs of the citizens who are living in border areas) are not met the way they should be in the modern information society. The discrepancy between the citizens' needs and the administrative capacity, especially if located on opposite sides of the border, results in major time and material losses, also in social tensions rising. Opportunities of using e-government solutions by public authorities both internally and across the border are underutilized.

It is important to prepare the concept and implement cooperative pilot projects to raise know-how and improve service provision, taking into account the needs to offer services on both sides of the border at the same quality level.
Target regions are Ida-Virumaa in Estonia, Kingisepp and Slantsy regions in Leningrad oblast in Russia. Final beneficiaries of this project are the populations of immediate cross border partner regions in Ida-Virumaa and Leningrad oblast.

Cross-border cooperation in solving identified problems is essential for implementation of this project. Only jointly developed solutions will set ground for practical e-governance which expands the boundaries of local authorities' capacities and made public service more friendly for end-users irrespective on which side of the border they live.

The e-G2Cproject has 7 partners from Estonia and Russia. The lead partner is the e-Governance Academy Foundation (EE). Other partners rom Estonia are: NGO "e-Signature Without Borders", Narva BAS Foundation, Narva City Government. From Russia: e-Government Centre of St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Municipalities of Kingisepp region and Slantsy region. Associate partners are Rezekne Higher Education Institute (LV), "e-Development Partnership in the North-West of Russia" (RU), Certification Center AS (EE), Committee for Telecommunication and Informatisation of the Leningrad region government (RU).

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