EstRuComService (2006)

Name of the project



Creation of the Service Center in Ida-Virumaa region for establishing and development of co-operation between small and medium enterprises (SME) North-East Estonia and North-West Russia

General goal

Balanced economical development of border regions North-East Estonian and North-West Russia to strengthen partnership and business contacts between SMEs of the region

Target groups 

  • Regional business supporting organizations
  • Regional SMEs, in particular those oriented for export

Planned activities

  • Development of the strategy for co-operation internationalisation between SMEs of North-East Estonia and North-West Russia
  • Elaboration of the plan for the development of co-operation and harmonization of interests of Estonian and Russian SMEs
  • Establishment of the consulting centre 
  • Establishment of the Service Centre web-site 

Project leader

Narva Business Advisory Services Foundation

Project partners

  • Non-commercial partnership “St.-Petersburg Network for Development of Information and Communication Technologies»
  • Municipal foundation «Ivangorod Centre of Sustainable Development»

Funded by

Phare EBI 2003 (External Border Initiative)

Period of the project implementation

June 2005-March 2006


Vitali Sergeyev

Project Manager

Narva Business Advisory Services

tel. +372 35 99251

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